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Moonshine is Alive in South Carolina

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Moonshine is alive in South Carolina , especially, in the Old 96 District as there are two distilleries located in the region. South Carolina has a long history with moonshine going back as far as 1791 and many people love a smooth hooch. Farmers in remote areas of the state distilled the grain they could not get to the market which is one reason ‘shine’ was so well known in the deep south. Folklore has it that ‘back in the day’, most moonshine bottles would have “XXX” on it. The XXX on moonshine jugs was a classic symbol and signified how many times the moonshine batch had been run through the still. Three X’s indicated that it had been run through three times and that the shine was pure alcohol.

By the 1950’s, “moonshining” was quite prevalent across the southern states. In 2009, South Carolina passed a law making micro-distilleries legal in South Carolina. Today, the resurgence of moonshine has sparked a craze of craft distilleries across the state.

In the old days, before the invention of more modern distilling techniques like thump kegs and reflux stills, moonshiners used a basic pot still – the simplest of all types of stills. It’s made up of two components: a boiler to cook the mash and a condenser to collect and cool the alcohol vapor back to a liquid.

Carolina Moon Distillery in Edgefield, South Carolina Is a local downtown establishment that offers tours

Carolina Moon - Rabbit Spit Moonshine

Rabbit Spit 96 Proof Moonshine from Carolina Moon Distillery

and tastings of moonshine, whiskey, rum, and other spirits. But watch out-it is said that “Edgefield whiskey is mean enough to make a rabbit spit in a bull dog’s face!”

Red Barn Likker (RBL) is a micro-distillery and tasting facility on the Square in downtown Abbeville, South Carolina. Red Barn Likker in Abbeville

RBL makes corn liquor or  moonshine. Likker is an old spelling of the word liquor. RBL carries a variety of spirits as well as moonshine scented cologne!  Plan your next weekend trip to the Old 96 District and check out some real moonshine.

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