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Don’t Get Left in the Dark! Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017

It is the buzz across America. The Great American Eclipse will take place on Monday, August 21, 2017! Not since 1918 has an eclipse occurred that crossed the entire United States. This will be the first total solar eclipse in the continental US since 1979 and that one was only visible in five states in the Northwest United States. Because of technology and social media, millions will view the 2017 solar eclipse. The eclipse is projected to be the most viewed total eclipse in history. Here in South Carolina’s Old 96 District the hype is at an all-time high. The roads and byways in the Old 96 District will be some of the best viewing spots anywhere in the US! We do not have the big city lights or pollution! Our roads will be less crowded and you will have a great view. The next time a total solar eclipse will be visible will be in 2078 and even then, it is not expected to cover the entire United States. That will not happen again until 2316!

The exact time the eclipse will go through the middle of the Old 96 District is around 2:30p.m and will last 2 minutes and 37 seconds in the longest totality location within the region. The entire district will be a great place to view the eclipse. You are encouraged to find a spot in one of our five counties-Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens and McCormick and be a part of history. The longest periods of totality in the Old 96 District will be in Laurens County-Mountville will have 2 minutes and 36 seconds, Princeton and Waterloo will have 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

During the highly anticipated total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, visitors and residents in the Old 96 District will experience some of the longest periods of totality! The eclipse path is 100 miles wide. South Carolina is one of only 10 states through which the center line of totality passes. Being on the center line is the most important aspect for viewing the longest totality.

Know what makes a total solar eclipse so special? A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth line up so perfectly that the moon blocks the sun, creating rare and spectacular effects across the sky and throughout the natural environment, including darkness in the middle of the day and the elusive “corona” effect around the sun, visible only during a 100% total solar eclipse.

The difference between a partial solar eclipse and a total solar eclipse is monumental:

  • Few people will experience a total solar eclipse in their lifetime.
  • A partial solar eclipse will be visible to the entire continental U.S., but this is very different from witnessing a total solar eclipse.
  • Witnessing a total eclipse is an unforgettable experience for which people travel globally.

During a total solar eclipse, strange phenomena occur:

  • Darkness in the middle of the day.
  • Corona, “diamond ring” and other light effects around the sun.
  • 360-degree sunset around the entire horizon; this deepens before darkness.
  • Nocturnal animals emerge and begin “nighttime” routines.
  • Birds come in to roost and stop chirping.
  • Temperature drops 5-15 degrees.
  • Stars and bright planets such as Mars, Venus, Mercury & Jupiter become visible.
  • After the eclipse, as light breaks, birds chirp as if it is daybreak.

After all these facts, you surely want to be in a place to view this amazing and once in a lifetime event! The Old 96 District of South Carolina is the place to be!

Anyone planning to witness the total solar eclipse needs protective glasses with a special safety film to view the partial eclipse leading up to and following the total eclipse. While the total eclipse is viewable without glasses (in fact, one can’t see the moments of total solar eclipse with the glasses on), viewers need glasses before and after totality, not just for eye protection but also to be able to see the partial eclipse before and after totality, since the sun is still so bright even up to the final moments of the moon covering the sun. Viewers should consider the same sun safety measures one would employ when spending time outdoors in the summer, such as hats, sunscreen and hydrating beverages.

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