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Preserving Area History

Teresa Kemp is passionate about preserving the history and traditions of the African-American population in McCormick County. The South Carolina Wild’s Heritage Center is now open in the former train depot in downtown McCormick. Interactive exhibits and activities, a Children’s Corner…

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Jars and Faces. Pottery and Places.

Jars and Faces. Pottery and Places. Over 4,500 years ago, Native Americans along the Savannah River discovered how to create pottery, using Spanish moss, palmetto fibers and the rich clay deposits in the Edgefield, South Carolina area. Edgefield pottery was…

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Gray Court Alive with History

The US is a relatively young nation, and much of the architecture you’ll find around the country is too. It’s rare to find an intact building more than about 150 years old. Early settlers built farms, with the intention of…

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