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Breweries & Distilleries in Old 96 District
Red Likker Barn, Abbeville, SC

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Good Times Brewing, at The Mill House in Uptown Greenwood, is a local favorite! Good Times Brewing provides us with 14-18 beers on tap, with mainstays such as Blood Moon IPA and Unkel Dunkel and Rye’t Times Rye, to seasonal favorites like the bourbon barrel aged Perfect 10 doppelbock, or King Jim’s Octoberfest. They make brews with local ingredients like our barrel aged Not Your Granny’s Peach Cobbler, Smokey the Pear Belgian Pale, or locally hopped Migration IPA. In 2015 they began partnering with distributors, rolling out exposure to the upstate region with Carolina Beverage Company out of Anderson, SC, and soon to the rest of the state by 2018.

Carolina Moon Distillery in Edgefield is reclaiming the culture of small-scale distilling as a craft, returning to the use of quality corn and fresh, local ingredients. Whereas major distillers use the entire run, we only use the “heart” of each batch to yield the best spirits possible. Carolina Moon offers tours and tastings of moonshine, whiskey, rum, and other spirits.

Red Barn Likker is a small batch distillery in downtown Abbeville. A very unique aspect of Red Barn Likker is their flavoring products.  These flavors are sold separately, then added to the shine and enjoyed at whatever strength you prefer. They make a variety of flavors such as spiced apple cider, blackberry and muscadine. In addition to shine, Red Barn Likker also offers a variety of products such as moonshine pickles, jellies, and even BBQ sauces.  They also have a full line of Red Barn Likker merchandise.

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