Red Barn Likker

Red Barn Likker

Red Barn Likker in Abbeville, SC, is a small batch distillery. A very unique aspect of Red Barn Likker is their flavoring products. These flavors are sold separately, then added to the shine and enjoyed at whatever strength you prefer. They make a variety of flavors such as spiced apple cider, blackberry and muscadine. In addition to ‘shine, Red Barn Likker also offers a variety of products such as moonshine pickles, jellies, and even BBQ sauces. Don’t know much about moonshine or whiskey? No problem! RBL is a great place to learn. Take a peek at the double diamond still, and then sit down to one of the tasting sessions with their knowledgeable staff to sample a number of house-made spirits and mixers to decide which to take home. They even sell moonshine scented cologne!

Address: 101 Court Square in Abbeville, SC 29620


Hours: Thursday–Saturday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.